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Welcome to the Free Range, Gluten Free, Award Winning Pyman Pâtés

Salmon Chicken Kalamata Chicken w Brandy Port & Cranberry Smoked Mackerel w Toasted Walnut Wild Boar w Prune Calvados Devon Tourism Awards 2011 Devon Tourism Awards 2011 Gold Award Devon Tourism Awards 2011 Photo 2 Devon Tourism Awards 2011 Photo 3 Devon Tourism Awards 2011 Photo 4

Pyman pâté are an innovation in today's pâté market. They are traditionally handmade and contain no additives, artificial flavourings or colourings and all of our pâté are Free Range and Gluten free.

Pyman pâté are made from the finest natural ingredients that the Westcountry can offer.

Our pâté have a guaranteed 60% content, this means that if you purchase a chicken liver pâté from Pyman pâté it will contain 60% chicken livers, there will be no bulking out with other ingredients as occurs with some other pâté on the market.

We purchase all ingredients from the Westcountry, mainly from Devon and Cornwall, thus we are supporting local traders and farmers in this area.

At the 2011 Devon Tourrism Awards we won a Gold Product Award for our Free Range Chicken Liver, Tarragon & Oak Chardonnay Pâté and Smoked Mackerel with Toasted Walnuts Pâté.

Taste of the West Devon Tourism Awards 2011    Devon Tourism Awards 2011 Gold Award SALSA British Fine Food
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